Vietnamese Mobile App Designer acclimates to Phoenix culture


Brian Nguyen enjoys his lunch as we discuss his passion for Phoenix events.

Ban Nguyen, a Vietnamese mobile app designer, enjoys his lunch at Phoenix Public Marke Café as we discuss his passion for city events in which he has adopted a love for Phoenix culture and continues sharing his culture with others. Photo by Taylor Rocha

Ban Nguyen moved to Phoenix, Arizona in 1995 from Vietnam when he was 20 years old. He attended Arizona State University as a computer science major and created an app for Physical Therapists called ‘medPT’ that gives physical therapists a way to record all patient information.

Over the last 20 years, Nguyen had indulged in the Phoenix culture through the plethora of free events that the city provides. From food festivals to musical performances, these events have had a lasting impression on Nguyen’s experience as a Phoenix native.

“I like going to events because they tie the community together. You can meet people and hangout with them and share cultures,” said Nguyen.

Nguyen keeps in touch with many of the people that he meets through these events, allowing him to create personal relationships with people who have similar interests as he. In particular, he attends the Phoenix Art Museum with friends when new exhibits are revealed.

Nguyen takes advantage of Instagram in order to discover new events in the Phoenix area.

Living on 24th and Camelback, Nguyen does not need to rely on events in order to stay active in the community. He enjoys many of the activities available in the area, especially hiking Camelback.

Ngyuen stays in touch with the Phoenix community through Instagram.

Story Plan

I will write a feature story on the events at the Phoenix Art Museum.

The story will be about the events that the Phoenix Art Museum provides and the intention behind those events. My prediction is that the events intend to serve a greater purpose than showcasing art as it has the ability to tie a diverse community together. I desire to uncover why the Phoenix Art Museum holds events and what the community gains from these events.

I hope that this story will reach Phoenix natives and promote the events of the Phoenix Art Museum as well as bringing the community closer together.

I think that video and photos will be the best representation of this piece as they have the potential to showcase the diversity and culture of the museum events.

I will interview the museum employees and event planners, as well as people who attend the events in order to discover why the events are thrown, the experience, and what can be gained from attendance.




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