The best and the worst of the NFL wildcard playoffs

The Best

Martavis Bryant of the Pittsburgh Steelers makes a 10-yard catch into something spectacular. In order to keep control of the ball, Bryant manages to secure the ball underneath his legs and somersault into the end zone, extending the Steelers’ lead to 15-0 in the third quarter against the Cincinnati Bengals.

This is the same Martavis Bryant that was called out earlier that week by quarterback Ben Roethlisberger to “step up,” according to the New York Times. With his flip into the end zone, Bryant exceeded these expectations, displaying that he was capable of making big plays.

Was it a catch? Although it was ruled a touchdown on the field, Bryant’s catch has fallen under scrutiny of NFL officials adding more fuel to the fire of an already controversial game.

Martavis Bryant somersaults into the end zone, securing a tough catch
Martavis Bryant, Pittsburgh Steelers receiver, somersaults into the end zone, completing quarterback Ben Roethlisberger’s pass (Credit: CBS via the Huffington Post)

The Worst

Despite their impressive drive in the bottom of the fourth, the Minnesota Vikings are unable to clinch a spot in the divisional playoff round as kicker Blair Walsh shanks a routine 27-yard field goal.

Blair Walsh's failed 27-yard field goal attempt

Minnesota Vikings kicker Blair Walsh misses a potentially game-winning 27-yard field goal attempt against the Seattle Seahawks in the final seconds of Sunday’s NFC playoff game. (Credit: NBC via Sports Illustrated)

The missed attempt marks a heart-breaking end to Minnesota’s season but it’s not a bad day to be a Seahawk.

The Seattle Seahawks celebrate their 10-9 win over the Minnesota Vikings.

The Seattle Seahawks celebrate after they escape a loss due to Minnesota Vikings kicker Blair Walsh’s botched field goal attempt. The final score is 10-9. (Credit: NBC via Sports Illustrated)


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